artist statement


After receiving a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the Palacký University in Olomouc, I continued to study at university internship in Pecs, Hungary. I paint, draw and occasionally work with video and linocuts. The work reflects current social situation, moral decadence, death, mystery, taboo, inner fears, relationships, family events and memories, real stories from my life, family and childhood traumas, which I embody into animals, plants and things creating new stories. A painting becomes a maze of twisted relationships and events mirroring some of my inner world. Drawing sketches of my imaginings on paper serves as base for final work with paint on canvas. Sketches are laid out into a final configuration filling the entire canvas. Other times the whole painting comes to being quite spontaneously, without any sketches. I use oil paints, acrylic colors and sprays. The work is also influenced by elements of pop culture, comics, computer games or B-movies. Inspiration comes from society we live in as well as experiences from extended trips through USA incl. Hawaii and India. Currently I have exchanged a busy art studio in Prague for a quiet one in the forested mountains of Bohemian Forest.