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Katerina Barabasova (*1986)

Katerina Barabasova studied painting at Arts and Crafts school of glass in Valasske Mezirici (L. Wojaczek) and at Palacký University in Olomouc (D. Jedlicka, V. Havlik). In 2010 she was chosen for Art internship at University of Fine Arts in Pecs Hungary. She did art projects with hungarian artists and had a few exhibitions in Pecs. In 2011 she was chosen for University internship at Leonardo da Vinci school in Germany. She lived and made art in Berlin, where she co-worked with Reception gallery. She participated in an exhibition called 10 Euro in Serendipity gallery, ACUD, Berlin, Germany ( 2011 ). In 2012 she was invited to take part in a multicultural project called Useful symbiosis, put together by czech and american artists in Kentucky ( USA), which culminated into two exhibitions with the same name – Useful symbiosis at Owensboro museum of fine art, Kentucky, USA (2012) and Useful symbiosis II., Caesar gallery, Olomouc, Czech rep. (2013). Between 2013-2014 she spent 6 months taking art residencies in Seattle Washington, and hawaiian island Kauai, (USA). While collaborating on art projects, where she met and worked with local hawaiian artists, she learned a lot about other unique ways of doing things. In 2015 she traveled four moth in India, which left a deep impression influencing her creative process furthermore. She lives and works in Czech republic.


Solo exhibitions (Selection):

Glaring, Antonín Dvořák Theatre, (curator: M. Mikolášek), Ostrava, CZR (2023)

If a tree falls in a forest, Galerie XY, (curator: M. Beková), Olomouc, CZR (2023)

Distorted world 1, Důl Michal gallery, (curator: T. Koudela), Ostrava, CZR (2021)

Distorted world 2, Student gallery, (curator: T. Koudela), Ostrava, CZR (2021)

Ordinary Crackpots, Felix Jenewein gallery, (curator: A. Rezler), Kutná Hora, CZR (2019)

Monster circus, Dolmen gallery (curator: R. Sýkora, M. Jiroušek), Prague, CZR (2018)

Sparkling stories, Gallery J. Jílka (curator: M. Koval), Šumperk, CZR (2017)

Thrown, Gallery Saigon, Ostrava, CZR (2017)

Blood novel, Peron Gallery (curator: T. Zemánková), Prague, CZR (2016)

Without notions, W7 gallery, Olomouc, CZR (2014)

Horror vacui, Cafe decada, Prague, CZR (2013)

180° is not enough!, Gallery U Mloka, Olomouc, CZR (2013)

Hungary diary II., Dole gallery (curator: M. Mikolášek), Ostrava, CZR (2011)

Cat’s story, Jáma gallery (curator: Jiří Surůvka), Ostrava, CZR (2009)



Group exhibition (Selection):

Young Bulgarian artists, UBA, Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria, BGR (2022)

Festival of fright, Sypka gallery, Buštěhrad, CZR (2022)

Art is not a crime, Warsaw off ART, (curator: P. Ambrosiak, B. Leligdowicz, T. Koudela), Warsaw, PL (2021)

Les Fleurs du mal, PragArtWorks gallery, (curator: M. Schovánek), Prague, CZR (2020)

Increments of collection, Felix Jenewein gallery, (curator: A. Rezler), Kutná Hora, CZR (2020)

ART- BRUT- ALL (curators: P. Forman, Tomas Koudela), DOX, Prague, CZR (2019)

Tandem, White world gallery, Kiev, Ukraine, UA (2019)

Chamanic art ( with Otto Placht and mexican artists), Latin Art Gallery, Prague, CZR (2019)

XVIII. Sympozium Jenewein – Kutná Hora ( with V. Havlik, T. Honz, M. Mulac), Felix Jenewein gallery, Kutna Hora (2018)

Scary monsters and super freaks ( with Marek Schovanek), Gallery CoCo, Dobrs, CZR (2018)

EXTENDED PAINTING PRAGUE, 4. bienall of painting, Zagreb, HR (2017)

ART-BRUT-ALL, Brutal assault fest, Josefov, CZR (2016)

Zukunst 2014, Palace of Valtice, Valtice, CZR (2014)

Freudenthal show, Freud and Thal gallery, Bruntal, CZR (2013)

Useful symbiosis II., Caesar gallery, Olomouc, CZR (2013)

Useful symbiosis, Owensboro museum of fine art, Kentucky, USA (2012)

Tech(o)zitje, Polenta fest, Maribor, SI (2012)

10 Euro, Serendipity gallery, ACUD, Berlin, DE (2011)

Arts and Culture-reshaping urban life, conference of art, Schwerte, DE (2011)

Open space, Konvikt, Olomouc, CZR (2011)

WAGr Art auction opening, Olomouc, CZR (2011)

Exhibition of Painting’s studio ( H. Csaba), Muveszeti Kar, Pecsi Tudomanyegyetem, Pecs, HU (2010)

Exhibition for delivering eyes, House of culture at Hlubočky, Olomouc, CZR (2010)

DFS Film festival, Konvikt, Olomouc, CZR (2009)

Performance ,,Critical history of performing art“,with M. Bekova, V. Havlík, Ostrý zub band, Konvikt, Olomouc (2009)

Empty spaces, Litovel gallery, Litovel, CZR (2009)



2010 ,,To the edge“, art symposium during the Week of Improvisation, Olomouc, CZR

2011    International art symposium ,, Living spaces“, Šternberk, CZR

2018    XVIII. symposium of contemporary art Jenewein – Kutná Hora



2019   ,,We drink herbicides and smoke a smog“, Václav Girsa and Střešovická kramle, Gallery Co Co, Dobrš, CZR

2019   ,,Maleček, Růžička, Ruzickova-Zadakova, Trabura“, Ondrej Maleček, Aleš Ruzicka, Sárka Ruzicková- Zadákova, Roman Trabura, Gallery Co Co, Dobrš, CZR

2019   ,,Kočkotiší“, Jan Melena and Jens Asmus, Gallery Co Co, Dobrš, CZR






MuMo, Prague

Gallery Felix Jenewein, Kutna Hora

Peron gallery, Prague

Dolmen gallery, Prague

other private collections in CZR